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Version: 1.01

"This War.

Seven years this war has gone on.

A war with no end.

A war fought with my inventions.

But I can fix it. With this crystal, could have the power to heal the world. It's vibrational properties, may even hold the secret to life itself.

What's mended, must first be broken. And then the world will be reborn."

"Atlas" is an on-rails shooter set in a steampunk setting. Take control of the turrets as you battle your way through the valley against an army of tanks.

Gameplay Instructions:

Left Mouse Button: Shoot

Right Mouse Button: Switch between turrets

Head Movement: Aim

Atlas was designed for the Oculus-rift system, however, you can play without it. Experiences vary.

Install instructions

Unzip file and launch "Atlas.exe"


Atlas-1-01.zip 85 MB


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This game looks really good!